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100% Donation Policy

About Us

Who We Are

We are a non profit organisation focused on fulfilling the universal responsibility of being compassionate citizens on earth by trying our utmost best to care for and fulfil the rights mankind regardless of race, gender or religion.

With the help of our tireless volunteers, we organise fundraisers, community building events, and in-depth training sessions for our volunteers.

Our mission is to provide global humanitarian aid, relief and development with sincerity and compassion whilst saving lives, alleviating poverty, transforming and empowering local communities to ensure well-being and protection of the poor, needy and vulnerable.

“…While some work their way towards being different, our dedicated volunteers and devoted donors strive towards making a difference. We are extremely grateful for the incredible generosity of our supporters and volunteers who share our mission. I would personally like to thank you all for the passion, ideas and positive energy that you bring. At a time of rising poverty at home and abroad, deepening inequality, and worsening climate change, your support has enabled As-Salaam Humanitarian Foundation to stand with those facing poverty and deliver life-saving and life-changing work that has reached hundreds of thousands of people around the world. What’s more, we have been able to maintain our 100% donation policy with no one getting a wage or salary and all expenses contributing towards administration. Thank you for being so selfless with us and for so many in whose lives you make a tangible difference…”

Gohar Khan, Chief Trustee

Meet The Team

Profile picture of Gohar Khan, Founder and Chief Trustee of As-Salaam Humanitarian Foundation Charity

Founder of As-Salaam, full time Lecturer and PGCE mentor at an FE sixth form. Gohar is passionate about advocating change in such a diverse world, has over 10 years experience in the non-profit sector.

Tariq Khan

Pharmacist of 16 years with a love for travelling. Tariq has been with the team from the start and is meticulous when making decision based around the objectives of the foundation. He is decisive and engaging.

Shakeel Malik

Owner of a local car dealership, has over 20 years experience in delivering a first class service. Has an eye for the finer details and deals with all partner NGO’s. Has implemented some of our projects abroad.

Profile picture of Bader Malik - Finance Manager at As-Salaam Foundation

Retired computer shop owner and chair trustee of our sister foundation – Cpt. Muazzam Ali Shaheed Welfare Foundation. Has over 30 years experience in the non-profit sector and a determined attitude.

Our Core Values

Our core values give us a framework for our operational decisions. The following core values and beliefs define what’s important to us at As-Salaam Humanitarian Foundation.


All donations and expenses are 100% audited and shared with our stakeholders upholding our duty of custodianship.


The security and wellbeing of each life is of supreme importance, We endeavour to respond to suffering brought on by poverty, injustice & disasters.


All actions are driven by our sincerity to fulfil the rights of mankind when responding to poverty and suffering.


To provide humanitarian aid to the poor and needy promoting integrated development and focusing on sustainable livelihoods.

Where We Work

Our charity is a global organisation that operates in over 20 countries around the world. We believe that every person deserves the opportunity to live a healthy and fulfilling life, and we work tirelessly to make that a reality for those in need. Our teams on the ground in each country are made up of dedicated local staff and volunteers, who have an in-depth understanding of the cultural, economic, and social issues facing their communities. Together, we work to provide essential aid and support, from emergency relief to long-term development programs. We are committed to making a real difference in the lives of the people we serve, and we couldn’t do it without the support of our donors, partners, and the communities we work with.

Where We Work Simplified Placeholder
Where We Work Simplified

Our Donation Policy

Donate Now

We Operate A Strict 100% Donation Policy

Our 100% donation policy means every single penny donated is used strictly for charitable efforts. Donations go into ‘charity-only’ bank accounts from which nothing is removed, not even for fundraising or administration costs. Like any organisation, As-Salaam Humanitarian Foundation does have administration costs and overheads to meet, which in turn helps our charity function. Funds are needed to compensate for our web presence, pay bills, cover accounting and legal costs, fundraise and support project costs. This is used from our ‘administration-only’ account where funds are raised through Gift Aid. None of our trustees or volunteers take a wage or salary.

What Is Gift Aid?

So how do we cover these costs? The charity runs a separate ‘administration-only’ bank account. This account has its own sources of funding which includes claiming Gift Aid at 25% and donors specifically donating for administration purposes. For example, we are able to claim £25 on a £100 donation, if it’s Gift Aid eligible. If you are a taxpayer then you can too help us maintain these costs by allowing us to claim Gift Aid on your donations – this has no impact on you whatsoever!

What Makes Our Donation Policy Different?

With some projects, surplus money is raised. Rather than spending for the sake of spending, any surpluses at the end of our financial period, including unused Gift Aid goes back into the ‘charity-only’ bank accounts, ensuring that our beneficiaries are further supported. Every penny donated is accounted for and shared transparently with our donors in our annual reports.

What is our Zakat Policy?

We take Zakat extremely sensitively and hold it with high importance. We’re committed to collecting and distributing Zakat in accordance with Sharia, and in an honest and ethical manner. We believe this is paramount to fulfilling our organisational values, therefore, we have enlisted the expertise of some of the leading and most respected Islamic scholars to form an independent Advisory Board. Zakat is spent within the year and never accumulated.

Our Sponsors

Our Latest Annual Report

2022/2023 Annual Report

Our annual report allows us to remain transparent with our donors, and so includes a breakdown of the money coming in and going out of the charity. It also outlines the progress we’ve made in our goals to provide our beneficiaries with the means to build stronger families, safer childhoods and positive futures. You can read our full financial statement for last year by downloading our annual report and accounts document.

Download The Report