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Upcoming Events

Join us in making a positive impact in the lives of those in need by participating in our upcoming charity events. These events provide a fun and rewarding way to support our cause while connecting with a community of like-minded individuals who share the same passion for giving back. To register for any of these events simply click on the register link below each event. Your participation makes a significant difference in the lives of those we serve, and we appreciate your support in helping us achieve our mission.

We are working hard to put together some more events, please check back later. Alternativley, you can subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this page to be notified when we have a new event!

Past Events

We’re proud to share the success of our past charity events, each of which played a crucial role in furthering our mission to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need. These events would not have been possible without the support and participation of our dedicated community of donors and volunteers. Your dedication and generosity inspire us to continue our mission of making the world a better place.

Revitalise Your Car For Gaza

Total Raised: £217.32

Pamper Express gave a top-notch detailing services to a number a vehicles this winter with pampering they deserves. From immaculate interior cleaning to restoring that glossy exterior shine, the team dedicated to making these cars look as good as new, whilst raising an honourable £217.32 for Gaza! Well done team Pamper!

Goals 4 Gaza Charity Football Tournament

Total Raised: £3,720.00

We thank all the teams for their incredible support and participation in our Goals 4 Gaza charity football tournament. Your enthusiasm and sportsmanship has made a significant impact towards making a difference in Gaza. We would especially like to thank The Soccer Centre and our determined volunteers for their efforts in coordination, planning and successful implementation of this event. Congrats to Free Palestine FC for taking the trophies home and Underdogs becoming the runners up! It was a brilliant atmosphere throughout the day. Looking forward to the next one.

A Day of Giving at Harly's

Total Raised: £1,082.00

Harlys delicious menu proved a hit with many supporters coming through the doors and participating in the day of giving. We extend our gratitude to everyone who attended and showed your display of love and support. 50% of sales plus donations amounted to a very honourable £1,082.00! We thank all the staff at Harlys, your hard work through the day proved invaluable and greatly appreciated by the community.

Give For Gaza: Family Day [Part II]

Total Raised: £20,360.05

We are deeply moved and inspired by the extraordinary unity and compassion shown by our local community in helping those suffering in Gaza. It was a reminder that despite our differences, we share a common humanity and the power to make a positive impact when we stand together, we firstly thank everybody who participated. Moreover, we thank our strong team of sisters, including Samea Mohammed, Diane Hameed, Abtisam Mohamed, Safiya saeed, Zahira Naz, Amani Alwardy and Mona Abraheem for their relentless efforts in organising this successful event, as well as every single volunteer that contributed. Finally, our humble local businesses pulled together for their kind donations from food and utensils to entertainment and donations. Without you this wouldn't have been possible.

Give For Gaza: Munchies

Total Raised: £2,539.96

We would like to thank the team at Munchies, especially the store manager, Zafar for their amazing contribution to our Gaza Emergency Appeal. They all worked tremendously hard to deliver your food whilst maintaining the superior quality it is - no wonder why they have been awarded Britain's Best Takeaway 2022! A total of £2,539.96 was raised for the people who need it most. This will go towards providing food, water, and medical care to the people of Gaza

N.U. Base Bake Sale Fundraiser

Total Raised: £1,160.43

A massive thank you to Nidah, Leena and Summa, as well as the group of sisters who organised and executed this event to perfection. With a variety of baked goods on sale from delectable moist cakes to scrumptious cupcakes the bake sale soon sold out whilst raising a huge £1,160.43 for the people who need it most. We thank each and every person who attended and donated. This will go towards providing food, water, and medical care to the people of Gaza.

Give For Gaza: Family Day [Part I]

Total Raised: £13,300.00

We were overwhelmed by the support from our local community getting together with the aim of supporting Gaza! We first and foremost thank Sheffield Grand Mosque for this collaboration and allowing us a platform to raise money for our brothers and sisters in Gaza. Secondly, our sisters team for their relentless efforts in organising this successful event. We also thank local businesses for their kind donations, including Musaids Soft Drinks, Cater Choice, Emera Cash & Carry, Big Filla, Arabian Kitchen, Ibra's, Taste of Arabia, Golden Foods, Al-Batati Supermarket, Al Zahir, Ellesmere Food and News, Felix Wholesale, High Hazel Market, Hinde Street Mini Market. Finally, nothing would have been possible without the participation and kind donations from our local community.

A Day of Giving at Dukes Pizza

Total Raised: £3,545.35

We would like to thank everyone who donated to yesterdays event, and a special thank you to the amazing employees at Dukes Pizza for all of their contributions. The 100% of sales event has raised £3,545.35 for the people of Gaza, and will go towards providing lifesaving food, water, medical aid and warmth. One donor said "the queues were so long but the food was delicious - well worth it". Missed it? No problem. We still have so many Gaza fundraisers to come.

Gaza Crisis Charity Car Wash & Hijama

Total Raised: £8,100.00

Firstly, we would like to thank all of our sponsors Maya Suite, Sheffield Supreme Valeting, Mansouri Cure, TTRefinements, 786 Marketing, Peakstones, and Greenland Cars alongside all of our tireless volunteers and donors who attended and participated. The final total raised from the event, including the car wash, hijama therapy and merchandise sales has hit £8,100! The money raised will go a long way in helping those affected in Gaza. We once again thank everyone who supported us in the event.