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We are always looking for volunteers to help us make our vision a reality, and can help you find a way to volunteer that best suits you! Drop us a line on the right to see what you can do to bring about positive change. We’re excited to have you join our family!

An As-Salaam Humanitarian Foundation Volunteer helping a homeless man in the UK.
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At As-Salaam Humanitarian Foundation we’re always raising funds and promoting initiatives to serve the people who need it most. We believe in taking action with urgency in order to raise public awareness about some of the most pressing issues facing our beneficiaries. Please join us by supporting our efforts to make a measurable difference in the lives of others. Volunteer as an events planner and/or join us as a participant for our upcoming events.

Upcoming Events

We are working hard to put together some more events, please check back later. Alternativley, you can subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this page to be notified when we have a new event!
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Gaza Crisis Charity Car Wash

Total Raised: £4,000.00

On Sunday 31st of March we raised £4,000 between 10am and 5pm at Maya Suite. Our amazing volunteers revitalized dozens of cars. Your donations given with every wash will help us contribute to vital aid in the North and South of Gaza, since Oct 2023 we have provided over 180 tonnes of flour, thousands of food packs, hot cooked meals, medical aid, hygiene kits, blankets and more! Thank you to our volunteers, donors and sponsors. You have all made a splash with kindness and compassion and driven away with a spotless car and a heart full of goodwill.

Tempus U10 Charity Football Tournament

Total Raised: £1,010.00

Tempus Academy hosted its first-ever U10 charity tournament. A sincere thank you to everyone involved, and congratulations to all parents and players who participated in support of this noble cause. With your contributions, we've raised an impressive £1,010.00, a testament to the power of community coming together for a worthy cause. Your kindness will directly impact the lives of those in need, providing hope and assistance where it's needed most.

Revitalise Your Car For Gaza

Total Raised: £217.32

Pamper Express gave a top-notch detailing services to a number a vehicles this winter with pampering they deserves. From immaculate interior cleaning to restoring that glossy exterior shine, the team dedicated to making these cars look as good as new, whilst raising an honourable £217.32 for Gaza! Well done team Pamper!

Goals 4 Gaza Charity Football Tournament

Total Raised: £3,720.00

We thank all the teams for their incredible support and participation in our Goals 4 Gaza charity football tournament. Your enthusiasm and sportsmanship has made a significant impact towards making a difference in Gaza. We would especially like to thank The Soccer Centre and our determined volunteers for their efforts in coordination, planning and successful implementation of this event. Congrats to Free Palestine FC for taking the trophies home and Underdogs becoming the runners up! It was a brilliant atmosphere throughout the day. Looking forward to the next one.

A Day of Giving at Harly's

Total Raised: £1,082.00

Harlys delicious menu proved a hit with many supporters coming through the doors and participating in the day of giving. We extend our gratitude to everyone who attended and showed your display of love and support. 50% of sales plus donations amounted to a very honourable £1,082.00! We thank all the staff at Harlys, your hard work through the day proved invaluable and greatly appreciated by the community.

Give For Gaza: Family Day [Part II]

Total Raised: £20,360.05

We are deeply moved and inspired by the extraordinary unity and compassion shown by our local community in helping those suffering in Gaza. It was a reminder that despite our differences, we share a common humanity and the power to make a positive impact when we stand together, we firstly thank everybody who participated. Moreover, we thank our strong team of sisters, including Samea Mohammed, Diane Hameed, Abtisam Mohamed, Safiya saeed, Zahira Naz, Amani Alwardy and Mona Abraheem for their relentless efforts in organising this successful event, as well as every single volunteer that contributed. Finally, our humble local businesses pulled together for their kind donations from food and utensils to entertainment and donations. Without you this wouldn't have been possible.


Inspired by fundraising ideas? You can also set up an event and discover ways to smash your target. We’ll help you raise as much as possible with our fundraising ideas, tips and resources. From a bake sale right through to a full-scale dinner event, we have got you!

Setup A Fundraiser

Car Wash

Do you have the ingenuity for washing cars? A charity car wash is a great way to raise funds and awareness for any one of our causes. Just need a place, some volunteers and the car wash products to make it happen. Ask us and we can help you set one up.


Hosting a bake sale is a great way to raise money. After all, who doesn’t like to indulge in a sweet treat or tempting savoury snack from time to time? If you have natural baking skills in the kitchen then this is for you! You can hold a bake sale in school, at work or at local events.

Sponsored Hike

You too can now set volunteers a fitness goal, help them achieve a life-long ambition or help them mark a milestone whilst helping us keep our promise to be here for the poor and needy. From Ben Nevis to the Peak District, the UK is full of beautiful spots to hold your event or take the hike yourself.

Sports Tournaments

Each year ISOC’s of different universities battle it out 7-a-side to become the champions for that year. If you’re passionate about football then you too can be a part of this extravaganza, giving many the opportunity to enjoy a good game and raise money at the same time.


From time to time different challenges trend and peak, from the ice bucket challenge to eating contests. You too can help set up a challenge, raise awareness, generate donations and set a new trend. Contact us with your ideas and we will let you know how to go about it.

Sponsored Run

Run, walk or wheel miles of road to build a better future for those who are less fortunate. An ever-popular event that takes little strain to set up but brings back so many benefits. From a 5K run around your locality to 10 miles of endurance, you decide what you want to set up.