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Physical Disabilities in Pakistan

In Pakistan, disabilities present a complex and challenging reality for many individuals and their families. The country’s diverse population faces various barriers to inclusion and accessibility, exacerbated by socio-economic disparities and inadequate infrastructure. Limited access to quality healthcare and rehabilitation services further complicates the lives of people with disabilities, impacting their ability to fully participate in society. Discrimination and stigma add additional layers of difficulty, often relegating individuals to the margins of social and economic life.

Despite these challenges, there is a growing recognition of the rights of persons with disabilities, with efforts underway to improve accessibility, education, and employment opportunities. This is where we play our part.

Donate a Wheelchair

As-Salaam Foundation has made a significant impact in Pakistan by providing 20 wheelchairs to individuals in need.

This initiative marks a pivotal step towards enhancing mobility and improving the quality of life for those facing physical disabilities. By addressing the practical challenges of accessibility, the foundation not only promotes inclusivity but also empowers recipients to participate more fully in their communities. Each wheelchair represents a tangible symbol of compassion and support, offering recipients newfound independence and the ability to navigate their surroundings with greater ease.

As-Salaam Foundation’s dedication to this cause underscores their commitment to social welfare and highlights the importance of collective efforts in fostering a more inclusive society in Pakistan.