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Livestock Distribution

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The Journey to Uganda

The journey to Uganda on the 1st of June 2024 with the three trustees was a profound eye-opener, revealing the stark reality of poverty that grips the region. As we travelled through the villages, we witnessed first-hand the daily struggles of the local communities, including inadequate housing, lack of clean water, and insufficient sanitation facilities. The sight of children walking miles for water and families living in crumbling shelters underscored the urgent need for our intervention. This experience deepened our understanding of the critical challenges faced by the villagers and reinforced our commitment to making a tangible difference. The trip was a poignant reminder of the importance of our mission, inspiring us to intensify our efforts to bring sustainable solutions and hope to the people of Uganda.

The Task – Distribute Livestock

The distribution of livestock, including goats and cows, by As-Salaam Foundation was a transformative initiative for these poor villagers in Uganda. These animals provide a sustainable source of nutrition through milk and meat, contributing to better health and dietary diversity. Additionally, livestock ownership has offered economic opportunities, as villagers can sell milk, meat, and offspring, generating income that can be reinvested into their households and community. The goats and cows also play a vital role in agricultural activities, providing manure that can be used to enhance soil fertility and crop yields. This initiative fosters self-reliance, economic stability, and improved livelihoods for the villagers. For the people of this village, receiving livestock is a significant step towards sustainable development and long-term prosperity.

On this project we distributed:

  • 50 x Goats
  • 10 x Cows

You too can sponsor/donate livestock in Uganda for just £50 per goat and £200 per cow.

We want to express our heartfelt thanks to all our generous donors who have contributed towards the livestock initiative. Your support has enabled us to provide goats and cows to the villagers, creating sustainable sources of nutrition, income, and agricultural support. This initiative not only improves the immediate livelihoods of the recipients but also empowers them to build a more secure and prosperous future.

Your generosity is making a profound impact, and we are incredibly grateful for your compassion and commitment to improving lives. Thank you for making a difference.