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Project Pani, Nepal

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100 Hand Pumps Installed

Why Nepal?

Water pumps are crucial in Nepal for several reasons, primarily due to the country’s geographical and topographical features. Nepal is characterised by rugged terrain with many remote and mountainous areas where access to clean and safe water is a significant challenge. Water pumps, especially solar-powered or hand-operated ones, help in pumping water from underground sources such as wells or boreholes. This technology is essential because:

  1. Accessibility: In remote villages and mountainous regions where infrastructure development is limited, water pumps provide a reliable means to access water without the need for extensive and costly piping systems.
  2. Reliability: During dry seasons or in areas prone to water scarcity, water pumps ensure a consistent supply of water for drinking, cooking, sanitation, and agricultural purposes.
  3. Health and Hygiene: Access to clean water is crucial for preventing waterborne diseases. Water pumps help communities maintain better hygiene and sanitation practices, reducing the incidence of illnesses caused by contaminated water sources.
  4. Agricultural Productivity: In rural areas where agriculture is a primary livelihood, water pumps support irrigation systems, enabling farmers to grow crops year-round and improve food security.
  5. Community Development: Reliable access to water enhances overall community well-being by reducing the burden of water collection on women and children, allowing them to pursue education and other productive activities.

In essence, water pumps play a vital role in improving the quality of life, promoting economic activities, and supporting sustainable development in Nepal’s challenging terrain.

What is Project Pani?

As-Salaam Foundation’s installation of 100 water pumps across Nepal has been transformative for countless communities. These pumps have provided reliable access to clean water in remote and underserved areas, addressing critical water scarcity issues and improving overall quality of life. Villagers no longer have to trek long distances to fetch water, freeing up valuable time for education, livelihood activities, and community development. The availability of clean water has significantly enhanced hygiene and sanitation practices, reducing waterborne diseases and improving health outcomes.

Moreover, these water pumps have supported agricultural productivity by enabling irrigation, thus contributing to food security and economic stability within the communities. As a result of this initiative, As-Salaam Foundation has empowered Nepalese villages with sustainable solutions that foster health, prosperity, and resilience against water-related challenges.

Thanking Our Partners Saalik Youth Project

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our incredible partners, SYP, for their outstanding support in raising £8,000 for this project in Nepal. Their dedication and effort were exemplified by  creating awareness amongst their vast network on young people and adults and through the 2024 Dates Campaign.

This remarkable feat not only demonstrated their commitment to making a difference but also brought together a community of like-minded individuals passionate about uplifting those in need. The funds raised have significantly impact the lives of the villagers, enabling us to provide essential resources and sustainable solutions. We are deeply thankful for SYP’s unwavering partnership and the collective spirit of everyone involved in this noble endeavour.