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Urgent Appeal: Humanitarian Crisis in Palestine Deepens

The situation in Palestine continues to deteriorate at an alarming rate. Despite enduring years of hardship, the conflict has escalated rather than waned. The people of Palestine need immediate and substantial help, more than ever before.

We at the As-Salaam Foundation are actively engaged in the West Bank, delivering essential aid to those most affected by this devastating conflict. Your support is crucial for our mission.

The Escalating Crisis: A Snapshot

  • Over 29,000 martyrs have been reported, including 19,430 children and women.
  • More than 68,000 individuals are wounded, many critically.
  • 67% of those dead are women and children.
  • 70% of homes in the Gaza Strip have suffered from bombing, making 342,000 completely uninhabitable.
  • 1.8 million people—80% of Gaza’s population—have been forcibly displaced.
  • Essential infrastructure like water, electricity, and sewage systems have suffered major damage.
  • 177 schools have been affected, with 32 no longer operational.
  • 26 of Gaza’s 35 hospitals have been forced to suspend operations
  • 104 mosques have been severely damaged or destroyed.

Our Ongoing Mission and How You Can Support Us

Our immediate aim is to provide emergency aid packs to the most vulnerable communities. These packs contain critical medical supplies, food staples, and water purification tablets, designed to sustain a family for up to one week.

A single donation of £50 can provide one emergency aid pack, offering a lifeline to families living on the edge of survival.

Advocate for Human Rights

We are steadfast in our call for the protection of human lives and for unobstructed access to humanitarian assistance. We urge international organisations, leaders, and communities to ensure aid reaches those in desperate need.

Take Action Now

The time for action is now more pressing than ever. Your generous donation could save lives and bring a sliver of hope to a dire situation.

"You Don't Need To Be Muslim To Stand Up For Palestine, You Just Need To Be Human"



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