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What is happening in Gaza? The latest news

We are witnessing an unbearable human tragedy in Gaza. People here are facing starvation, and the health system has all but collapsed.

The latest death toll stands at 33,942 Palestinians and 1,139 people killed in Israel since October 7. More than 13,000 are children and 8,400 are women. It is reported that more than 76,049 people have been injured and more than 8,000 are missing.

In Rafah, where an estimated 1.5 million people have sought shelter, children, women and men are living hour-to-hour with the pain of hunger.

Day after day, parents try and find food, but return empty-handed. Formula is almost non-existent, and parents are forced to find alternatives unsuitable for tiny babies. They have to look on as their children grow weaker.

Conditions are even worse in the north. Overall, it’s projected that the entire 2.2 million population is experiencing food insecurity at crisis levels or above.

Famine looms in Gaza: 1.1 million face catastrophic food insecurity

Six months after conflict escalated, Gaza’s entire population is experiencing food insecurity at crisis level or above. Safe and unimpeded aid must be allowed through.

Every hour in Gaza:

  • 15 people are killed – six are children
  • 35 people are injured
  • 42 bombs are dropped*
  • 12 buildings are destroyed

*Based on the first six days of the war, according to the Israeli army

How As-Salaam Foundation have responded?

We have sent two deployments out to Cairo and filled a number of lorry’s with aid.

The living conditions in war torn Gaza is exacerbated by the aftermath of conflicts and blockade. Access to basic necessities such as clean water, electricity, and healthcare remain a huge concern. As-Salaam Foundation is still operating on the ground and distributing essentials.

In January 2024, our volunteers visited Cairo, Egypt, where they filled lorries with £64,792.88 of aid, which included:

  • 2,835 baby formula powder
  • 2,880 blankets
  • 26,400 1.5 litre bottles of water
  • 120 hygiene kits
  • £5,500 lump sum of medical consumables and
  • £5,500 lump sum of essential medicine.

Unfortunately, due to the shortage of food, the 1,200 boxes of food (sugar, flour, cheese, jam, biscuits, beans, tuna, pasta and tea) worth £15,840 will be allocated in due course on our next deployment.

Our second deployment went out in March 2024, where £44,160 was loaded up onto six separate lorry’s filled with:

  • 1,800 food packs and
  • 180 tonnes of flour – enough to make 2.1 million meals.

All the above items were successfully passed onto our team through the Rafah border.

We have a team that is operation in the North of Gaza

Our team has been working tirelessly in the North where the siege is, our offices are not operational anymore but we have agreements in place with wholesalers to provide us with essentials including food, water, hot meals, blankets, clothing, hygiene kits and more. Now the banking system are open, we have been able to get across £85,000 of your donations which have been implemented since October 2023.

The situation isn’t over

According to the latest data from the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, the World Health Organization and the Palestinian government as of April 7 2024, Israeli attacks have damaged:

  • More than half of Gaza’s homes have been destroyed or damaged
  • 80% of commercial facilities
  • 80% of school buildings
  • 10 out of 35 hospitals are partially functioning
  • 83% of groundwater wells not operational
  • 267 places of worship

Furthermore, many Gaza residents have no reliable way to access electricity or the internet since the blockade of the 365sq-km (141sq-mile) strip has resulted in a collapse of telecommunications infrastructure.

How can you respond?

We need to respond to this by supporting the humanitarian crises with your donations.